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The iPayRoadTax cycling jerseys have started to ship. Paul Harris of Hampshire is getting his for a birthday present. Mike from St. Albans says he needs to go on a diet before he can wear his. Daniel M Rosen, author of ‘Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports’ is getting his shipped to his home in America.

The jerseys come in two colours: black and white. Black is outselling white. So much so that the XL black jerseys are almost sold out. The mens’ jersey is outselling the womens’ jersey. Jersey manufacturer Foska of London is also supplying retail outlets. A full list will be placed on this site soon.

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  • Gaz

    Got mine today, going with foska was a great idea, quality is spot on. just need it to warm up a bit so i can ditch the jacket!

  • carltonreid

    Thanks for ordering. Yes, Foska is excellent

    I'm itching to ride with mine. But I don't want to get hypothermia.

  • GarethDent

    Great stuff – surprised balck is outselling white – I'm going for the white one, but will wait for the snow to clear before trying it

  • allanramsay

    We all pay road tax, which should entitle us to respect and protection. Sadly, unlike on the Continent, we cyclists don't get much of it. A handful of decent drivers for sure, but most of them, cyclist hating morons who don't think we should be on the road.

    And then there's the morons who basically don't give a toss about laws and other roadusers full stop. The prat on the mobile phone for instance. If these morons bug you, get one over on them by signing the petition calling on the Prime Minister to introduce driving bans for them.
    Go to
    And tell all your family and friends.

  • allanramsay

    Please note mistake with web address on my comment identifying mobile phone petition – petition not petiton

  • carltonreid

    I preferred the black one as a design but when I took the pix found that the white one was better for showing details. I later discovered I hadn't taken anywhere near enough pix of the black version which might mean I subliminally prefer the white.

    Sounds daft maybe but I think I'll wear the black one most of the time (like for training) but use the white one for special rides (like sportives).

  • carltonreid

    Thanks, Allan.

    You'd be interested in the 'distracted driving' conversation I had with David of the Fredcast on this podcast, recorded yesterday:

  • vic bates

    I have gone with the black, it looks great and the make and quality are spot on, as well as making me look thinner, always a benefit i think. i will use it for a while, over a long sleeve, and when the better weather comes get the white.

  • carltonreid

    Yes, offering two colours was my way of doubling sales: many people
    will want both! (I wish).

  • probi

    Just got mine today, birthday present. Just need the temperature to rise by a few degrees. Jersey looks great in white!!

  • Anonymous

    Just got mine today, birthday present. Just need the temperature to rise by a few degrees. Jersey looks great in white!!