“I knocked a cyclist off his bike. I have right of way, he doesn’t even pay road tax”

You have to be a special kind of dumb to post that kind of comment to Twitter, but, sadly, the UK driving test doesn’t examine emotional intelligence and this young woman is speeding around Norfolk with these sort of sick, mistaken thoughts rattling around her head. How could anybody be so callous? Why is it socially-acceptable to admit to such a crime as though it wasn’t a crime? How can somebody training to be a tax advisor not know that “road tax” hasn’t existed since 1937, doesn’t pay for roads and that all road users have an equal right to share roads? UPDATE 1: 27th June, Norfolk police have said they have referred Emma Way’s case to the Crown Prosecution Service. UPDATE 2: Norfolk police will be charging Way with “driving without due care and attention, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report that accident.”


FINAL UPDATE: At Norwich Magistrates court on 19th November, Emma Way was found not guilty of driving without due care and attention; guilty of failing to stop after an incident; and guilty of failing to report that incident. She told the magistrates her original tweet was “the biggest regret of my life so far.” So, no regrets about hitting the cyclist, just getting caught admitting she had hit the cyclist! Way was fined £337, ordered to pay £300 costs and had 7 points added to her licence for the failure to stop and failure to report collision. After leaving court she refused to answer reporter’s questions because she had “signed an exclusive TV deal.” According to her solicitor she’s to appear on ITV’s Daybreak breakfast show. But maybe some other vehicles (with wing mirrors) are being lined up for her? How about? I Pay Road Tax Get Me Out Of Here; Tis My Way or the Highway. Any more? #EmmaWayTVshows

Presumably she thought her comments would be read by only her 100 or so Twitter followers, not realising her thoughts are available to all see? She must have been surprised, then, when she received the following message from Norwich Police:

The police had been alerted to Emma Way’s comments by twitter users shocked at her lack of compassion and her unbidden hate. She was quickly identified from her Facebook page and the police were sent other examples of her poor driving: she had taken twitter-available pix of herself tailgating other motorists, and even photographed her speedometer showing a speed of 95mph.

At first, folks thought she must have been joking when she boasted she had knocked a cyclist from his bike but the fact she felt able, among her friends, to make such a joke, and that she based her funny on the seemingly lesser road rights of her target, is worrying. The tweets collected by @cyclehatred have shown that a surprising number of anti-cyclist comments are not coming from traditional ‘white van man’ but from young women, many of them clearly new to driving. What is it that’s making some of these young women say such hateful things about cyclists? Perhaps it’s that some young female motorists feel safe in their cars and often rely on them to get everywhere? For such women, perhaps the thought of being a cyclist – unprotected from ‘stranger danger’ and open to the elements – makes them shudder, and the way to reject and despoil this “other” is to vilify and mock it?

In the comments section below, ‘Volcanic Plug ‘ (email address supplied), gave another possible reason:

“I am a young female motorist and I have to say, I don’t like cyclists much (sorry!). But it’s not because I feel safe in my car and feel I should mock cyclists…I am relatively new to driving and genuinely, I don’t like cyclists because I’m afraid of them. I’m afraid of knocking someone off their bike! Never in a million years would I do what this person has. She’s clearly a danger to all other road users, not just cyclists.

“I’m probably unlucky with my commute in that there are a fair number of cyclists but the roads are either very narrow, so I struggle to overtake or they are very steep so the cyclist is travelling very slowly while everyone on the other side of the road are streaming past at 60. It’s not the fault of the cyclist I know, but my problem is a lack of confidence in myself to deal with it. I would describe myself as a safe driver, but not a particularly good one – driving doesn’t come to me naturally and easily.

“I don’t think all of these young female drivers that ‘hate’ cyclists or pedestrians or horse-riders are seeing them as obstacles, but maybe of hazards that they should be wary of and perhaps haven’t yet gained the experience to deal with confidently.”

Perhaps the driving test could help out here? Maybe motorists should have to read and absorb a compulsory section on the highway access rights of *all* road users, not just the motorised ones? As I write elsewhere, Roads Were Not Built For Cars

Cyclists, pedestrians, horse-riders, and others, should not be portrayed as obstacles – things to avoid, as though they’re stray and alien – but as fellow road users to be accorded the same civility as expected to be given to motorised road users. And it would also be good if new drivers were taught that roads are not paid for by motorists but by general and local taxation. (The fact that the majority of cyclists own cars, too, doesn’t seem to filter through to some people, it’s as if we’re still in the 1930s when cycling was “poor mans’ transport”).

The belief that “motorists pay for roads, cyclists don’t” is ludicrously mistaken but fervently held by a shocking number of people; people with the power of hundreds of horses under one of their tippity toes. How many deliberate close-calls on cyclists delivered by some motorists, so-called “punishment passes”, are the result of thinking roads are just for cars? Roads believed to be paid for by “road tax”? This now famous #bloodycyclists tweet shows that some motorists really do believe their little tax discs are some sort of “road user fee” and give them superior rights on the road. Cyclists are perceived to be freeloaders, even though they also tend to own cars, often expensive ones, that are charged more for car tax – do they have more right to be on the road than low-emissions cars which pay zero car tax?

Emma Way, the motorist who started this twitter and media storm did hit a cyclist. In a TV interview she admitted her guilt. The guilt of writing a stupid “spur of the moment” tweet, that is. She also, fleetingly, said sorry to the cyclist she hit, admitted she probably hit him with her wing mirror but said she didn’t realize he might be hurt. Her solicitor was present during the interview and said he hoped the police would separate the road incident from the twitter posting.

In a radio interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, Ms Way agreed she had been “stupid” to tweet as she did but was not pulled up on her beliefs in the non-existent ‘road tax’ or that motorists don’t have “right of way” on roads and do not pay road use fees.

An Iceni Velo cycling club member had been the first to alert folks that a cyclist was knocked from his bike by a hit and run motorist:

Club member @RabAusten said: “Police are on the case. They had already located her and were just waiting for the victim to come forward. He has contacted them…”

If, as the tweet claims, Emma Way did leave the collision scene without reporting it to the police, she could be in deep do-dah. And boasting about it on Twitter and claiming she had “right of way” because she believes she pays for the use of the road doesn’t exactly help her case.

Ms Way’s employer is now involved, too (in an earlier tweet the driver had mentioned who she worked for and Google cache knows all…):

“Thank you for taking the time to email Larking Gowen regarding the tweets posted by one of our employees on their personal twitter account.

“Please be assured that this is not a view held by the firm and we most certainly do not condone this behaviour. We are taking the incidents very seriously, and a full and detailed investigation will be carried out and appropriate action taken. We have already spoken to Norfolk Police.”

Ms Way was later suspended from her job (as a trainee tax advisor).

Norwich North MP, Chloe Smith , has also chimed in: “This may sound like a bit of dirty laundry being aired in public but actually it’s really important – road safety is crucial for all road users as is civility on the road.”

The cyclist who claims he was knocked from his bike was Toby Hockley, who was riding the Boudicca Sportive on Sunday, reports The Telegraph, basing its story on the Iceni club Facebook postings.

Hockley has also been interviewed by the BBC. He said: “”A car came tearing round the blind corner and narrowly missed a cyclist in front of me. She came on to my side of the road, I took the wing mirror off and I went flying off my bike into a hedge.

“She hit me hard, really hard. I am lucky to be alive.

“But I managed to get out of the hedge and stand up. The car was nowhere to be seen. She hit me, and she was gone. All I know is that it was a blonde girl driving.”

Over on Road.cc Hockley, a 29 year old trainee chef, gives a few more details:

“I have a sore elbow, a bruised knee, nettle stings from riding through the hedge, but nothing serious. The headset of the bike is loose from the collision, one of the levers got knocked round the bars and there’s bits of nettle in the chain, but I think the bike is intact.”

“Myself and my friend burst out laughing when we finally came to a stop, more out of shock than anything else. You count your limbs and carry on.”

On the interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, Ms Way disputes Toby Hockley’s version of events. She said:

“”He [Mr Hockley] and another cyclist were coming down the hill at quite a speed.

“He came on to my side of the road. I pulled to the left as quickly as I could. He was right in front me.

“I felt his handlebar just clip my wing mirror and my initial reaction was to brake, stop and look in the mirror.

“He did wobble slightly but he was upright, he was fine. I didn’t just leave the scene, because there wasn’t a scene.

I don’t really see I was in the wrong. If I had been in a bad accident I would have stopped.

“If I have hurt him then I am sorry. I am not against cyclists at all.”


ipayroadtax toastie jersey

Road tax doesn’t exist. The ironically-named iPayRoadTax.com helps spread this message on cycle jerseys.

  • http://twitter.com/aurehsalla Gail Bishop

    Again – where did I say I get wound up by cyclists who don’t wear helmets? Show me where I have written that. I get wound up by cyclists who ride in the dark with no hi-vis or lights. A helmet doesn’t make a cyclist more visible (unless it’s luminous yellow and/or has a light on it). There is a difference.

  • Guest

    What goes around comes around Andy.

    Everyone… Andy has not registered as a user and is only here to wind people up so don’t waste your time trying to feed him the poison he deserves.
    If ever he gets hit by a speeding car, that will be the day he will reflect on the benefit of more cyclists on the road. But by then will most likely be too late for him.

  • Phil

    What goes around comes around Andy.

    Everyone… Andy has not registered as a user and is only here to wind people up so don’t waste your time trying to feed him the poison he deserves.
    If ever Andy gets hit by a speeding car, that will be the day he will reflect on this and the benefit of more cyclists on the road as opposed to vehicles But at this point, it will most likely be too late for him.

  • http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/index.htm billdav

    You completely fail to understand the issues.

    Bicyclists can’t plan based upon “narrow” cars. Too many vehicles are NOT narrow. Bicyclists have to plan for wider vehicles.

    Even with your supposedly “narrow” car, I doubt that you can pass while staying in the lane AND leaving at least 3 feet of distance between you and the bicyclist at the same time. You either have to move a little into the next lane or you’re passing too close.

    2-3m? Who said that? 1m would be a huge improvement over what bicyclists usually get. It’s also the minimum that’s safe.

    Your only issue is that you think that you own the roads and that you should be able to pass bicyclists within the same lane as if they did not exist. You don’t expect to do that with anyone else. It’s just the lowly cyclists who according to you don’t deserve the same rights as humans.

  • LiamT

    no, what im saying is that cyclists seem to be able to pick and choose which rules to follow. from my experience i see more idiot drivers than cyclists but then again i see many more drivers.

    its fine for them to undertake on slow roads (illegally i will add) almost taking your paintwork off? yet someone else above suggested that you should always use the oncoming lane when overtaking to leave enough space, even if its only 1 cyclist (as if you were overtaking a car), and i said that if there are 3 riding side by side how am i supposed to give them that much room? most roads these days i can pass you whilst leaving a good metre of space, if not more, which i think is sufficient. if i cant do that i will use some of the oncoming lane. i dont want to knock a cyclist off any more than they want to be hit. i would like to keep my 7 years no claims bonus.

    anyway, we seem to not be getting anywhere here. i will just assume everyone else on the road is an idiot (motorists and cyclists). you cant go too far wrong that way if you expect people to do stupid things.

    i keep saying i dont think i own the roads, remove that persecution chip from your shoulder. sure, some people hate cyclists, i do not.

  • justiceminister

    Social Media has a lot to answer for. Its not such a free world after all is it my dear tainted youth.

  • http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/index.htm billdav

    So essentially you’re saying that because some bicyclists undertake close, that gives you the right to pass dangerously close to other bicyclists? Really?

    You think that bicyclists should ride in a manner that encourages motorists to endanger them so that you won’t have to suffer the trivial inconvenience of moving over to pass? Really?

    You are desperately trying to pretend that you shouldn’t have to move over to pass bicyclists safely.

    What is so difficult about moving over to pass a bicyclist? I have been driving since 1979 and I find bicyclists to be just about the easiest traffic on the road to pass. However, I never suffered from the delusion that I had more right to the road than they did.

    In defensive driving, you don’t prepare for or expect to have a best case scenario all the time. You prepare for and avoid the worst case scenario. You don’t plan for the narrow vehicle passing. You plan for the wide vehicle passing.

    Grow up and get over yourself. Learn to move over to pass.

  • http://twitter.com/GlennMealing Glenn Mealing

    Now there’s an idea. If you want to murder someone, get them to ride a bike, then run them over. Small fine, a few points on your licence for careless driving if you’re unlucky. Job done.

  • http://twitter.com/djtoast Alec Nicholson

    This story has EVERYTHING to do with HER view of cyclists though. I agree with your assessment of her. I hope she’s severely punished. However, from a prevention-is-better-than-cure perspective: rather than just punishing people like her after the fact, what can we do though to prevent people from developing habits and attitudes like hers to begin with? I think attacking the “them and us” culture is one place to start. Hence my reference to red light jumpers: let’s ALL follow the laws and rules that enable us to share roads as safely as possible.

  • Stephen Miles

    It appears that the Twitter account I linked to has been protected so it is no longer viewable. Perhaps someone can find another copy and repost her tweets of texting while driving.

    Btw, this girl really has no shame. Given her recent response, does she really think that anyone would believe her story instead of the cyclists? That it was somehow the cyclists fault because they were traveling at “quite a clip”?

    The bottom line is that she’s lucky to be presenting her bullsh*t sob story in front of a reporter instead of a judge. Because if she killed him through her negligence, that’s where she’d be. Emma Way is truly a twit.

  • ScaredAmoeba

    Re:’Morons don’t all drive cars…a LOT of them ride bikes.’

    Would you care to offer any proof of this remark?

    Now I do see bad behaviour from cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. I am inclined to believe that idiots are idiots, whatever their mode of transport, but driving does something to people, it makes personality traits worse. Protected by a suit of armour and given the superhuman strength of an engine makes them more aggressive, particularly towards someone not so endowed. So drivers are more aggressive towards pedestrians and cyclists. You may deny it all you like, but I can assure you, get on a bike and you’ll soon understand. It is, I feel pretty sure, the cause of the MGIF mind-set, the I Must Get In Front of all cyclists at any cost, (even if it kills the cyclist). The only cure for the MGIF mentality is to cycle frequently on the road.

    As for morons

    As we know in the UK ~500 vehicles a day are seized each day for no insurance, which may mean no driving licence, or disqualified, etc. That’s 182,500 vehicle and drivers that were detected! If we assume a 50% detection rate, that’s 365,000 drivers!

    So there’s at least a third of million idiot-drivers on the roads.

    Then there are the drink drivers and the speeders, the red-light jumpers (760,000) and the hit & runs etc.

    Then there are those with licences who are idiots. I mean by that those with more than twelve points on their licences, but have managed to persuade the courts that they need to drive, there are around ten thousand of those idiots.

    If driving is so important, why not adhere to the rules?

    If these (ahem) ‘individuals’ aren’t idiots, I don’t know what are. But you haven’t seen fit to enlighten us.

    I look forward to your blinding wit.

    And yes I do drive and have done so for decades. And no, I have never had a single point on my driving licence. And no, I’m not perfect, but I do try to be.

  • ScaredAmoeba

    Helmets are not a panacea for cyclists. This is really off topic here. there are places to discuss bicycle helmets, but it isn’t straightforward. However, the science is not clear – there are benefits and dis-benefits.

  • Sandy

    Spend some time away from murdering prostitutes to learn some grammar.

  • Steve Wachholz

    Great Comments! I want to hear more facts about the the driver and the cyclists before I want either party put in Jail. This was a head on collision correct? I am shocked that if this is the case that the cyclist did not have significant injuries from even a grazing. I also want to know who crossed over in to the opposite lane as both are claiming. She is still an idiot for her tweet and leaving the scene but lets not assume just yet that the cyclist is 100% in the right.

  • Shad Gray

    and this is exactly the “Im what’s important” behavior that makes people hate you and other cyclists. The point is that This page is filled with Cyclists who blame the drivers. They blame drivers for acting lke they own the road. They blame pedestrians for not paying attention. Everyone is blaming everyone else and all act like they do nothing wrong. As a pedestrian, I take responsibility for myself. I dont step off the curb while texting. I remember to look both way (as I learned at the age of 4), but I’m also fully aware that others don’t. They think because they are pedestrians, people will and should stop for them.
    I make no excuses for them (like you all seem to me making for cyclists). Your “Cars run red lights more often” is the kind of retort children use. I’ll listen to a cyclist’s complains when they stop doing the exact things the cars are doing. Your complaint is that the cars are bigger so it’s their responsibility to look out for YOU. Which is true only in the extent that you should also me looking out for them, and understand you are often harder to see. When you create a “3rd lane” between cars and zip between them at an intersection, you make it difficult for them. Then you blame them when they hit you, or when they disagree with your philosophy that cyclists never create problems.

  • http://www.quickrelease.tv carltonreid

    And this is why strict liability should be brought in. HGV driver deemed at fault (for insurance purposes) in collision with car; motorist deemed at fault (for insurance purposes etc) in collision with cyclist; cyclist deemed at fault in collision with pedestrian.
    Onus should be on faster, heavier party to prove innocence. For insurance purposes…

  • Shad Gray

    Really? This argument shows sheer stupidity! How can you say that running red lights poses no danger? This is the real problem. People who think they are better than the laws and that they have better judgement as to when they can and should run a red light. The very fact that you do not see a problem with that action IS the problem here. This is often WHY cyclists get hit. Because you think you are above the laws of the road and that it is everyone else’s job to anticipate the moment when you will decide to recklessly break a law because you think you know better. You want cars to watch out for you? Try following the same rules you expect them to! (because if one of them ran a red light and caused you to swerve out of the way, you would be calling for their job over it).

    People die in auto accidents all the time because an animal wanders out into the road and they swerve to miss it. Yet YOU seem to think that running a red light on a bike can’t injure a driver? F you for thinking its all about you!

  • http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/index.htm billdav

    So according to you, only motorists have a point of view worth listening to. Bicyclist’s right to have an opinion is predicated upon ALL of them being completely law abiding. Until then, NONE of them are to be listened to? Really?

    I do obey the rules of the road. I’ve studied them more closely than most people so I know them better than most people. Do I get to have an opinion?

    Nobody has said that bicyclists are never at fault or never create problems. Wait no. Somebody did say that. IT WAS YOU! You are attributing a false position to your opponent. There’s a term for that: straw man fallacy.

    The fact is that it is you who is making childish arguments.

  • Shad Gray

    No. You misunderstand. Im only saying that cyclists are no better about these things, and it is only through that acceptance and the growth that comes for it, that the roads will get any safer.
    Im a pedestrian. I dont even own a car, so I’m “lower” on the totem pole than you are when it comes to motorists. However, I own up to my responsibility when it comes to stepping foot on the road. Its a concept that seems to confuse most of the people posting on the page. By their accounts, it doesnt matter if I jump off the curb and run into an intersection because “Everyone should be watching out for poor little old me.” However, this isnt the case. If i want to be safer on the roads, I need to respect that other people use them too, and that while they should try and watch out for me, I need to play my part in following the laws so that it is easier for them to not run me over. :D

    I am only calling out the multitude of hypocritical responders to this post who seem to excuse any behavior from cyclists while pushing all blame onto the motorists. We all need to do our part to make the streets safer.

  • Andy

    people like her should be banned from driving for life. it’s just a matter of time before her callous disregard for the law gets someone killed.

  • Shad Gray

    If I understand what you are saying, Im not sure I agree. I think actions should speak as load as what you are driving 9or not driving). I think if a pedestrian steps off the curb (not at an intersection) and causes an accident… their actions should be taken into account. I do not think everyone in or on a vehicle should automatically be charged (for insurance purposes or not). Likewise, a cyclist weaving between cars in congested traffic who gets hit should bear some responsibility for any accident caused. When you break the law, it makes it 1000 x more difficult for others to watch out for you. In the case of Emma, she was 100% responsible on her own, but that doesnt mean all accidents between bikes and cars are caused by the cars, and putting all of the responsibility on them only encourages cyclist (and pedestrians) to do whatever they want, because they feel nothing they do can be their fault and that it is always 100% the motorist’s responsibility to watch out and respond to their actions. It CREATES the very feeling of entitlement than causes they problems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yogibimbi Jörg Löhken

    phew, then I do not have to modify my comment;-) Actually, I rode a car once in Tasmania, but that was an automatic, so god knows how they are different from everything else. But since I was completely drunk and still didn’t have any problems driving it, I could have guessed the accelerator was on the side I was used to. But better know for sure;-)

  • jonny

    Accident or not it’s hit and run ! Sorry doesn’t count after you have been caught!

  • Jason Wright

    Um, last I checked Pedestrians were pavement users and only go on the road when crossing, usually during the green man. Should they be more responsible? YES certainly.
    If a pedestrian, angry at you for jumping a red light kicked his foot through your spokes ruining the bike wheel and ran off, would you think that’s OK ?
    And yet angry cyclists constantly pound on cars with fists and kick mirrors then leave like nothing happened.

    I don’t care who you are, Pedestrian, Cyclist or Driver. BE RESPONSIBLE.
    Also, all road VEHICLES need insurance, a pedestrian is not a vehicle. They should however pay for damage they cause!

  • Jason Wright

    Of course hardly any claims are made when the bloody cyclists ride off into the sunset leaving the driver with a damaged car and nobody to claim against!

    Also, do you live/work in Central London? If not then your experience cannot be compared to mine.

  • Jason Wright

    wtf are you smoking.
    I am asking for a little more parity between road users.
    How is that wanting to punish cyclists???
    I ride a damn bike too, but I never hit cars and run away.

    If YOU think that is ok, then it is you with the problem not me.
    The bike that did hundreds of pounds worth of damage to my car and rode of certainly caused me significant problems so screw you.
    I think you are probably one of the ignorant ****holes I am talking about.
    You thump on cars with your fist when you are angry? Kick the wing mirrors or panels? RIde of screaming in rage about how evil they are?
    You are the problem.

  • http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/index.htm billdav

    I have never once pounded on someone’s car. I have never once had a bicyclist pound on my car. I have never once seen a bicyclist pound on anyone’s car.

    I have heard stories — including some from people claiming to do the pounding, but in those cases, the pounding was a response to dangerous and aggressive driving from the motorist.

    Unfortunately, you ignorant twits think that you can pass close and cut into the path of bicyclists as if they aren’t even there and they should act like that’s OK. It’s not OK.

  • stanlpool

    ho ho ho another offence ?

  • stanlpool

    say no more janet she sounds like a complete air brain

  • stanlpool

    boris, every cyclist i know these is also a motorist, sadly i dont cycle any more due health reasons but in my time i have had many near misses and this was before mobile phone etc

  • stanlpool

    agreed chris but you know many pass their test parrot fashion and havent a clue what its all about and many have absolutely no road sense whatsoever

  • stanlpool

    couldnt agree more paul but you know cyclists dont cause tailback and traffic jams

  • stanlpool

    well said mavis i remember the addage “old english charm”

  • stanlpool

    it took you longer than that to make this statement

  • stanlpool

    accept my apologies glittermonkey

  • stanlpool

    ved is politically correct of course but just a name at the end of the day, isnt it time we all started to show respect for each other as road user regardless of our mode of transport we all bleed and all hurt but the damage at the end of the day caused by a motor vehicle regardless of what it is will always be far more deadly than the push bike, many cyclists (so called) do ride on the sidewalks do ride without lights, or have an audible means of approach eg a bell. wear dark clothing but there are so many very responsible riders, often cycling club members who will carry kit way in excess of what the law requires and show more consideration for other roaduser than many of your modern day so called motorists

  • Smith_90125

    The idiot got a slap on the wrist instead of what she deserved. Her car should have been confiscated and crushed. And if it’s legal, crush cars with the bad drivers inside.

    If she hasn’t finished paying for it, that’s her problem. Driving is a privilege, not a right. She’s probably stupid enough to “think” pedestrians don’t have the right of way at crosswalks, never mind cyclists.

  • Kalar Walters

    I wonder if she was still ‘moving on down the road,’ while she tweeted. Could be some karma in her future.

  • Ade

    ‘Used’ to be, indeed, But words are important, especially in law

  • Ade2Bee

    There is no such thing as a ‘General Pot’ which is why the Gov gets away with murder… The vast majority of people don’t even know what they pay fro and how it is collected and stored,

  • CookieMonster

    I Just thought I would add my take on this, first of all how many cyclists already own cars?? A fair few I would imagine, so actually cyclists technically already do pay F**King road tax, this BRAT wants the book thrown at her for 1, knocking an innocent cyclist off and 2, for being such a stupid bint, bragging about it, I have no time from stupid morons as in this example and would stand by the cyclist 100%

  • mony
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    Congressional Republicans are proposing long and short-term alternatives to ObamaCare as the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments Wednesday in a case that has the potential to unravel the health care law.

    The plaintiffs, four Virginia residents, argue that Americans who bought insurance through the federal ObamaCare exchange are not entitled to subsidies because the law says only those who bought policies in state exchanges are eligible.

    At least 5.5 million Americans last year bought insurance on the federal exchange and received the subsidies.

    Both sides in the case — known as King v. Burwell — generally agree that if the high court decides that millions of recipients are no longer eligible, they likely will no longer be able to afford insurance under ObamaCare and exit the system.

    However, whether their departure would topple the entire health care law remains a matter of debate ahead of the expected high court ruling by June.

    Last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said nullifying the subsidies would cause “massive damage to our health care system” and that the administration would have no way to fix it.
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    The administration and Democrats who enacted the 2010 law over unanimous GOP opposition also largely back studies showing the number of people who would loses the subsidies, in the form of tax credits, is as high as 7.5 million.

    And a recent analysis by the health care firm Avalere found that those who would lose their subsidies as a result of the court ruling would have their premiums increase an average 225 percent.

    Ed Haislmaier, a health care policy expert with the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation, on Tuesday predicated some fallout, or “dislocation’ but not to such an extent.

    “Is the sky going to fall?” he asked. “No, but it’s probably going to rain in some places.”

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