Law firm drums up biz with entitlement syndrome car tax disc holders

Vantage Law, a “young, eager, professional and enthusiastic” firm of personal injury solicitors in Liverpool, is promoting itself on the company Facebook page by promising tax disc holders for those who ‘like’ the posting.

The tax disc holders have been available on eBay and Amazon for some years. 2618 have ‘liked’ the image posted by Vantage Law.

Some motorists – and, it appears, no-win-no-fee law firms – really do believe ‘road tax’ pays for roads. The fact that it’s local and national taxation that pays for roads, including the mending of potholes, seems to elude an awful lot of people, leading to entitlement syndrome where tax-dodgers – such as cyclists, yet, oddly, not drivers of e-cars – have to get out of the way of the supposed fee payers.

Here’s a fix for the error on the tax disc holder but as it’s nowhere near as hilarious as the original – facts don’t tend to be funny – it won’t be picked up by law firms looking to spice up their social media offerings.

"Yes I have paid my income tax & council tax now go fix some potholes"


ipayroadtax toastie jersey

Road tax doesn’t exist. The ironically-named helps spread this message on cycle jerseys.

  • Worried Britsh Person

    “Some motorists – and, it appears, no-win-no-fee law
    firms – really do believe ‘road tax’ pays for roads. The fact that it’s local
    and national taxation that pays for roads, including the mending of

    And in this above statement lies the problem. Car Tax should be used
    first and foremost to repair and service the roads and sundries items provided
    by the government. However the tax is used elsewhere which show and
    inability to run the governments budgetary responsibility correctly. If
    you have to continually dip into and spend the majority of other pots of money
    to resolve issue other than what the money was collected for it shows bad

    This shows the inability of governments past and present to run this particular

  • JD

    Sorry, Worried British Person, that’s just nonsense. The UK tax system does not operate on the basis of hypothecation because it is simply unworkable – how would you pay for education, social services etc. if tax raised from particular areas of was only spent in those areas.
    And that ignores the fact that the total cost of motoring to the nation (including road repair, upgrade, building, medical care, policing, courts, DVLA, etc.) is higher than the amount raised from all motoring taxes combined.
    Placing all taxation into a general fund and then using that fund to pay for the nations needs is absolutely an appropriate way to do it, and does not reflect on the ability (or otherwise) of governments to manage the budgets properly one way or the other.

  • DorsetDave

    Love the T shirt – Hate the price

  • JFrazz

    Worried British Person, would you advocate, therefore, that ALL road users, including for example, pedestrians, horse riders and so-on, also pay tax towards the roads they are all equally permitted to use?
    Well hang on, I think they do… through the general taxation that everybody is subject to.

  • ScaredAmoeba

    People who express foolish opinions need to learn thefacts before demonstrating their ignorance.
    Dunning-Kruger effect, perhaps?

  • Simon Hopkins

    Was sat in Burnley social services reception yesterday and a man in a powered wheelchair was going down Manchester road when the receptionist said he should not be on the road as he don’t pay road tax. Felt like telling her to shut up and stop being a moron, but being a department of Lancashire country council I thought if they’re employing people who don’t know what pays for what who am I to correct her. Good site. Now just need a car sticker that says I HAVE PAID MY CAR TAX CYCLISTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

  • Simon Hopkins

    No thats what council tax is for. as if you look on the breakdown of council tax charges you will see it on there, VED is just a pocket filler for the greedy MPS.

  • Simon Hopkins

    Same as VED then :)

  • Gina Johnson