Polite admonishment after a “punishment pass” leads to truck driver shout: “Road tax!”

Bike-cam wearing cyclist in ‘cycle lane’ on an A-road gets buzzed by a truck – the all-too typical “punishment pass” – and asks, politely, for a bit more consideration and space next time.

Reply from the Standard Scaffolding truck driver? “Road tax!”

That’s short for “you don’t don’t pay road tax, cyclists shouldn’t be on the road.”

I shall report back if Standard Scaffolding reply to my email asking what they plan to do about this driver.


Road tax doesn’t exist. It’s car tax, a tax on cars and other vehicles, not a tax on roads or a fee to use them. Motorists do not pay directly for the roads. Roads are paid for via general and local taxation. In 1926, Winston Churchill started the process to abolish road tax. It was finally culled in 1937.

The ironically-named iPayRoadTax.com helps spread this message on cycle jerseys. Car tax is based on amount of CO2 emitted so, if a fee had to be paid, cyclists – who are sometimes branded as ‘tax dodgers’ – would pay the same as ‘tax-dodgers’ such as disabled drivers, police cars, the Royal family, and band A motorists, ie £0. Most cyclists are also car-owners, too, so pay VED.

  • Anonymous

    I would suggest dropping the video off at the local Police Station, as it is perfectly clear from the rear and front video that the lorry deliberately moved towards the cyclist, to intimidate them. I find that it is people driving ‘commercial’ vehicles that are the worst offenders when passing. It is as if their attitude is well it’s a works vehicle so I can drive how I want. The Police ought to crack down on them and the courts should start issuing them with driving ban’s. Companies should also start taking responsibility for the bad driving habits of their employee’s.

  • http://www.quickrelease.tv carltonreid

    FYI the scaffolding company has yet to reply…

  • Gabe

    Not the first time that truck has been caught on YouTube either!
    Seems only a matter of time before someone with such a vendetta is going to end up killing a cyclist >.>

  • Ric

    The irony is their website says “We pledge to our employees to provide an environment that is safe…” If you need scaffolding in the Manchester area, the only way to send a message is to not use Standard Scaffolding.