Telegraph commenters want cyclists killed

Cool black guy on a Brompton 1

Predictably, one of the comments on Andrew Gilligan’s Telegraph piece on last night’s Spectator’s debate (‘Cyclists are a menace…’) was about cyclists not paying ‘road tax’.

“Who are the rudest and least safe road users? Why, the non road-tax paying cyclists, that’s who.”

But then the comments started to take a morbid turn and you have to wonder whether anybody is moderating the Telegraph article comments system.

“It is time for pedestrians literally to hit back. Let us organize a push-a-cyclist-off-a-pavement-under-a-bus day. No jury would convict.”

“‘The number of people killed per year by cyclists averages less than one. The number of cyclists killed per year by motor vehicles is around 120.’ You are right. That is a ratio we need to work on.”

The ones above were hateful in the extreme but, let’s be charitible, this final one is possibly just advocating cyclists get a surprise soaking rather than suggesting two-wheelers should be drowned:

“Pedestrians belong on the pavement; motorists on the road; cyclists in the canal.”
Terence Patrick Hewett