Foska to bring campaign to life


NEW: vote for your favourite jersey (choice of 3) on (until December 31st). was born and raised on, in November. It snowballed faster than I could have ever imagined. Interest in the jerseys was so great I knew I’d struggle to meet demand so, six days after Twittering the first concept, I signed a partnership agreement with

Foska is Britain’s largest manufacturer of bespoke and brand-licensed cycle jerseys, the company behind the jerseys from Marmite, London Pride, The Simpsons, London A-Z, Dennis the Menace and many more iconic cycle jerseys.

This company will produce a number of different jersey styles for, including short sleeve, long-sleeve, and women-specific. Foska will also produce water bottles and arm-warmers.

Everything will be sold via and through bike shops, enabling me to concentrate on the website and campaign rather than design, make, bag and ship a ton of product.

Foska will take the fake tax disc graphic and turn it into a great looking jersey and this will be placed on soon. You’ll be able to pre-order the jersey or arm-warmers on, or drop in an email request for a reminder when product has landed. Here’s how Foska is currently taking pre-orders for its new Wallace & Gromit jerseys.

Producing the items will take time. We’ve got to produce the design, agree on wording, get in samples, and then put in a first order. I would have loved to have had product available before Christmas but, then, I’m not a manufacturer and have little appreciation of the graft that goes into a big production run like this. (When I first mooted this idea I thought there would be about 30 jersey orders and I would put in a herding-cats, club-style order to Impsport or similar – the immediacy and size of the demand knocked me sideways).

What will be available before Christmas is a line of t-shirts, mugs, and other items, all produced using print-on-demand technology. I’m using Spreadshirt for the majority of products. I’ve bought t-shirts from Spreadshirt before; the quality is first class.

Now, following news stories on and there were lots of forum postings, both for and against the concept. I’m not going to be able to please everybody all of the time but earlier today I posted some video evidence of a driver shouting at a cyclist to “buy some road tax”. This is why the campaign was started; we’ve all been on the receiving end of such misinformed opinions. So, thanks for your faith in my fledgling idea. I’m chuffed to bits that the iPayRoadTax jerseys and armwarmers will get out there and start spreading the message that cyclists have every right to be on the road. shop shop

To help spread the message there’s a bunch of Spreadshirt-made badges, t-shirts, wickable base-layers and a messenger bag, all featuring graphics.


A variety of bespoke, cycle-specific jerseys, arm-warmers, water bottles and other accessories will soon available to pre-order via soon. Originally, the way to pre-order was to send an email expressing interest but so many were sent it became clear a retail partner was needed. The cycle clothing – similar to the jersey examples above – will likely be available in late January, although can log your details once the designs have been added. Sign up for the Foska newsletter via ‘SafeUnscribe’.

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