Law firm drums up biz with entitlement syndrome car tax disc holders

Vantage Law, a “young, eager, professional and enthusiastic” firm of personal injury solicitors in Liverpool, is promoting itself on the company Facebook page by promising tax disc holders for those who ‘like’ the posting.

The tax disc holders have been available on eBay and Amazon for some years. 2618 have ‘liked’ the image posted by Vantage Law.

Some motorists – and, it appears, no-win-no-fee law firms – really do believe ‘road tax’ pays for roads. The fact that it’s local and national taxation that pays for roads, including the mending of potholes, seems to elude an awful lot of people, leading to entitlement syndrome where tax-dodgers – such as cyclists, yet, oddly, not drivers of e-cars – have to get out of the way of the supposed fee payers.

Here’s a fix for the error on the tax disc holder but as it’s nowhere near as hilarious as the original – facts don’t tend to be funny – it won’t be picked up by law firms looking to spice up their social media offerings.

"Yes I have paid my income tax & council tax now go fix some potholes"


ipayroadtax toastie jersey

Road tax doesn’t exist. The ironically-named helps spread this message on cycle jerseys.