The Times posts new, correct “road tax” article

This morning, as part of its mostly excellent cycle safe campaign, The Times seemed confused on what paid for roads and included the two words that, when placed next to each other, are often spat at cyclists by motorists: “road tax”.

Following much twittering back and forth, Times reporter Kaya Burgess got the following article online. The screen-grab is there as proof the retraction was made, just in case the cyclesafe stuff ever goes behind a paywall.

The Times joins other organisations which have now recognised that “road tax” is 75 years beyond its sell-by date. Previously, the AA, Which?Car and the Plain English Campaign have stated their desire for accuracy when it comes to describing what is VED, vehicle excise duty or, as the Post Office calls it, ‘car tax’.

The Times gets it - finally -  on Road Tax