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“A clever shirt.” The Economist (April 2011).

At the beginning of 2010, Foska of London partnered with iPayRoadTax.com to produce bespoke cycle jerseys for the iPayRoadTax movement. Available in fluro yellow or pink versions, the high-quality short- or long-sleeve Toastie jerseys come in mens’ and womens’ styles. The fluro yellow Toastie jacket costs £99.95 and is warm, windproof, water resistant and eye-searingly bright.

iPayRoadTax.com t-shirt
There’s also a bunch of badges, t-shirts, mugs and a messenger bag, all featuring iPayRoadTax.com graphics. Want a graphic for your bike? There’s a headset cap printed with the roundel, and it can even be customised with your name.

ipayroadtax toastie jersey

As well as being available online via Foska.com, the iPayRoadTax jerseys are also available in a growing number of bike shops, including Wiggle, Dorchester Cycles, Rutland Water Cycling and Evans Cycles, which has 36 stores across the UK.

ipayroadtax toastie jersey

ipayroadtax toastie jersey

The jerseys started to ship on 20th February 2010. Paul Harris of Hampshire got his for a birthday present. Mike from St. Albans said he needs to go on a diet before he can wear his. Daniel M Rosen, author of ‘Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports’ got his his shipped to his home in America. Edmund King, president of the AA, is a keen cyclist and said the iPayRoadTax jersey was “ironic, iconic and probably iconoclastic.”

The ‘Bicycle Excise Duty’ (BED) on the original jerseys expired in August 2012. If a motorist says “your road tax has expired, mate,” the riposte is “Yeh, and yours ran out in 1937.”

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Fred Whitton 2012  ipayroadtax jersey

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Seth Chipps Carlton Silas

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No Road Tax, says Volvo, sort of correctly


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