Jeremy Clarkson on road tax for cyclists

Leather jacket Ridgeback rider

Jeremy Clarkson is a funny and intelligent guy. When he said cyclists should pay road tax, he probably meant it as a joke. Of course, Clarkson lovers – such as the folks on this (thankfully dormant) Facebook site, ‘Cyclists should take a test, pay road tax and take out insurance!’ – aren’t always funny and are often very much less than intelligent. But the lovers sure do love Clarkson’s quote:

“Trespassers in the motorcars’ domain, [cyclists] do not pay road tax and therefore have no right to be on the road, some of them even believe they are going fast enough to not be an obstruction. Run them down to prove them wrong.”

Clarkson was being Clarkson, but some of his idiot followers might think he means it, and might be encouraged to ‘nudge’ the odd cyclist here and there. Now, should a motorist try to nudge Guy Ritchie when he’s on his bike, the motorist might regret it. Ritchie is big. In the video clip below, Madonna’s former hubby – and director of the new Sherlock Holmes movie – tells Clarkson about his extensive collection of motors, but why he prefers a bike for 90 percent of his travel.